Thursday, April 4, 2013

The importance of timing in the editing process

Don’t ever go grocery shopping while hungry is one of those basic rules of household budgeting or dieting. Here’s one for editors: Don’t ever work on a beer feature in the morning. Ever.

All I could think about from 9 a.m. was how much I wanted a beer. A finely crafted micro-brew … just like the ones written about in the beer story for the next issue of Carpinteria Magazine. I felt like a prisoner marking time. “OK, it’s 10:10 in the morning. That means at least 7 hours ’til I can safely say it’s beer:30.” It was one of the longest work days in recent memory. Maybe worse than waiting for recess as a kid.

This has given me a really good idea. I should start a list of helpful hints for editors. The beer tip (tipsy ... be great to work that in) could prove very useful for some editors. After all it could apply to food, erotica, and, well, you get the idea. Oh, the next issue of Carpinteria Magazine is due on the street early May. And, when it hits, I’m going to get a beer.