Wednesday, May 30, 2012

One Writer, Many Hats

Not only did I write the press releases and calendar listings for Solvei's show on June 9 at the Plaza Playhouse Theater in Carpinteria, I am playing more of a front person role in the publicity game.

It's stretching out of my comfort zone, but that's always good for me. I am contacting the media and seeing if I can get some coverage for her upcoming concert. Truly, I am uncomfortable on the phone -- and it shows. (Ah,another reason why writing is my chosen profession.)

I really do like the entrepreneurial aspects of my work. It's never ever boring and I am always challenged. Oh, if you happen to be in the area on June 9, please come to Solvei's show. It is going to be a knockout!

The poster on the right has particulars on Solvei's show. For more information visit or

Thursday, May 24, 2012

New issue of Carpinteria Magazine has hit the streets!

Carpinteria Magazine is here and ready to read. Carpinterians can find a copy all over town. Or, visit the Web site, If I do say so myself, the magazine is gorgeous and filled with very interesting stories.

Working on the magazine is fun and seeing the finished product is always so satisfying. Carpinteria, as any town, has so many interesting people and so many interesting stories. Because of that deciding on what stories can be difficult. A good kind of difficult, though.

Already work has begun on the next issue. Stay tuned.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Where Can I Reach You?

I'm old enough to remember when answering machines were a new thing. I'm talking about answering machines with actual cassette tapes hooked up to rotary dial phones. Yeah, it wasn't that long ago. I think a lot of people are old enough to remember those days.

And, let me tell you, those 25-pound machines weren't all that welcome. People hanging up, family members giving grief about relatives owning machine, and similar non-positive feedback was common.

I believe the idea behind the contraption being convenience. Leave a message, someone calls you back. Easy enough. So committed to convenience the manufacturers were that the cassette tape went digital, the machine got smaller, remote access was available ...

Well, how quickly we forget. Look at the note with hints on the best way to reach a colleague. Convenience isn't even part of this equation. This is hilarious!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Journaling the Journey

Journaling the Journey is the name of a workshop I lead. As part of the Carp Cares for Youth summer program Teen Extrema, It is designed for teens ages 13 to 18 and held during the summer. This year's dates are July 9, 11, 16, and 18. We'll be meeting in the Community Room at the Curious Cup Bookstore, 929 Linden Ave. in downtown Carpinteria.

The Community Room has a fantastic, huge worktable. This is a good thing because in the workshop we make books. The participants keep the books and use them as journals -- or that's the intention. Here's the official course description:
Journaling the Journey is about writing, drawing, coloring, doodling, scribbling, pasting, gluing, binding, cutting, shaping, deciding, dreaming, thinking, and doing. With a focus on print journals (as opposed to new media/digital journals) participants will create a journal with a theme of their choice (diary, school, future plans, family vacation, pets, life on the soccer field, music, etc.)

Last year's class was a lot of fun. I was surprised at the enthusiasm the kids had. They made some really beautiful books.

BTW, Carpinteria Cares for Youth is a fantastic organization. It describes itself as a grassroots advocacy organization dedicated to providing better resources and services to the youth of Carpinteria. Check out their Web site:

The above picture is a picture of students busy making books during last year's workshop.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

My Portable Office

No, the picture isn't crooked. That's the view from "my office" on Waikiki Beach." Yes, Waikiki as in Honolulu, Hawaii. I packed up my office (phone, laptop, cute folder full of scribbled notes, and my even cuter pencil bag) and tagged along with my sister to our 50th state. She had a conference to attend,if I paid for airfare I could bunk with her and attend some vendor-sponsored parties.

Yes, I actually worked. Each morning as she trotted off to the conference via shuttle bus, I crossed the street to buy an iced coffee at McDonald's and use the "free" wireless Internet. The hotel charged $16/day for Internet. I drew my line in the sand. Sixteen dollars a day for Internet on top of an already overpriced hotel room? Why, that's a matter of principle with me! McDonald's really may salvage its reputation with the iced coffee and free Internet thing. Anyway, I spent the mornings working at McDonald's and the afternoons at my sandy office with the view of the palm tree.

"Wireless Coconut." Have you heard that term? It actually predates the Internet. It is a Hawaiian term for the rumor mill, water cooler talk, Koffee Klatch stuff. Our friend Ann, who was born in Hawaii and lives there, used it in conversation when she was showing the off-Waikiki Honolulu. It's a great term, isn't it?