Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Bet

Want to know what others are saying about you? Googling yourself is one way to start finding out. Doing a search on oneself is common advice in social media seminars and how-to articles. So, I thought I’d check myself out this morning, and imagine my surprise when I came across this: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm5319779/.

Yes, I am in a movie. Can you believe it? The movie is "The Bet." I play a waitress. I think I have the fewest lines in the movie, which is the perfect way to approach your first role in a feature movie. "The Bet" is directed by Finola Hughes and is set in Santa Barbara. It is set to premier in March 2013.

I need to get cracking on filling in my IMBd page. Got to get a good headshot of myself. Maybe actually hire someone to take the picture, i.e. to make me look far better than I do in real life, rather than imposing on my friends or family.

Stay tuned!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Sub-text of My Not Texting

Given the stereotype of a writer – reclusive, dark, brooding, and lugubrious – I’m rather social and cheerful. Sure, I need my solitude to write, but I also need to interact with people. The interaction offers me a needed human connection. Additionally, more frequently than not, it gives me inspiration.

Given my social and cheerful nature, many people are surprised to learn I don’t text. I know how to text. I just don’t have texting as part of my cell phone service package.

Allow me to tell you my reasons why.

1. I can’t stomach the thought of dealing with the hassle of changing the contract.

2. For a number of years I have been deluding myself with how "I’m going to upgrade to an iPhone and then I can text” and it is very difficult to change a lifestyle of denial.

3. Though cell phones are a wonderful convenience, I also find them somewhat of a nuisance. Texting seems tenfold. Just because it is not audible does not make it any less of an interruption.

I know I’ll be texting soon enough; otherwise I’ll be as annoying as those who don’t email or who insist upon sending faxes rather than email. But I think I’ll be text-free for a little longer in an effort to remain the social and cheerful writer I am.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Carpinteria Magazine

Hot off the press - Carpinteria Magazine is ready for reading

The latest issue of Carpinteria Magazine is ready for reading.Lots of special stories and profiles of neighbors and friends. Find out what it was like to grow up in the town 70 years ago, learn about new places to shop for groceries (you'll be surprised), meet the mastermind(s) behind Angels Antiques on Carpinteria Avenue, and lots more.

Too far away to pick up a copy. No problem, read it online at www.carpinteriamagazine.com.

A free copy of Carpinteria Magazine can be picked up at advertiser locations around town, such as Corktree Cellars, Giannfranco's Trattoria, Roxanne's - A Wish & a Dream, Curious Cup Bookstore, Porch, and the list goes on.