Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Sub-text of My Not Texting

Given the stereotype of a writer – reclusive, dark, brooding, and lugubrious – I’m rather social and cheerful. Sure, I need my solitude to write, but I also need to interact with people. The interaction offers me a needed human connection. Additionally, more frequently than not, it gives me inspiration.

Given my social and cheerful nature, many people are surprised to learn I don’t text. I know how to text. I just don’t have texting as part of my cell phone service package.

Allow me to tell you my reasons why.

1. I can’t stomach the thought of dealing with the hassle of changing the contract.

2. For a number of years I have been deluding myself with how "I’m going to upgrade to an iPhone and then I can text” and it is very difficult to change a lifestyle of denial.

3. Though cell phones are a wonderful convenience, I also find them somewhat of a nuisance. Texting seems tenfold. Just because it is not audible does not make it any less of an interruption.

I know I’ll be texting soon enough; otherwise I’ll be as annoying as those who don’t email or who insist upon sending faxes rather than email. But I think I’ll be text-free for a little longer in an effort to remain the social and cheerful writer I am.