Monday, August 12, 2013

Due to technical difficulties ...

My domain name expired and along with it went my gmail account. In the big scheme of the universe it's not such a big problem, and I've been trying to remember that. It's just so darn inconvenient and annoying.

My new email address is

Thanks for sticking with me on this tricky tech-y trail.

Also,check out the poster. I'm in the play! (But maybe I already told you that.)

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Thinking on your feet while sitting at a computer and writing

May I suggest taking an improv class if you find yourself frequently stuck, or saddled with the comment ailment of writer's block. May I suggest taking an improv class if you like to have fun and want to sharpen your mind.

Improv isn't just for actors, you know.

No improv class near you or available to you? Well, then do what I did -- organize one! Now in its fifth session, the Improv Workshop at the Plaza Playhouse Theater starts up on Sept. 3. There's a new acting class, too. Check out the above flyer.