Monday, November 14, 2016

Has it really been since July 15?

You can thank Alexandra Franzen for this blog post. One of her recent pieces opened with something like "I haven't done a post in 80 days ..." It made me feel a lot better about being so lax about my own communications.

Recently, one of the best, and I mean the best, writing tips/nudges/inspiration came from Sara Caputo, principal of Radiant Organizing. And when a productivity expert sends me something, I read it. It's a post from the blog Barking up the Wrong Tree about, well, about writing. Read it. You'll laugh, and you'll laugh more.

In other Orozco Ink news ... 

Recommended reading!
Here's a cool thing about my work: I get to be involved in other people's cool projects. I was part of the proofreading team for Cynthia Hamilton's book Finding Ruth, which was just published. Cynthia notes that Finding Ruth is a tribute to her mother, who held her family together at all costs, who showed dignity and strength when most people would’ve fled. What she learned by fitting together disjointed memories and facts has made her love and appreciate her mother more deeply than ever before. I recommend Finding Ruth

My husband and I took a month-long vacation and visited Sweden and Italy. Actually, it was 32 days. If so inclined, you can check pictures of the fabulous trip on my Facebook page

My vacation journal. 
"Cooperative Wisdom" is the book on my nightstand. The timing could not have been more perfect with the U.S. presidential election just ending. The sub-title is "Bringing People Together When Things Fall Apart." (See what I mean about the timing.)

This is from the book's  Web site: Cooperative Wisdom explains how cooperation breaks down in settings from boardrooms and family rooms to volunteer organizations and public agencies.
Written as a spirited exchange between an acclaimed ethicist and an inquisitive journalist, the book introduces five social virtues that crack open stubborn problems and reveal cooperative solutions. 

The inquisitive journalist is Carolyn Jabs, whom I know from the Santa Barbara Chapter of the Association for Women in Communication. I'm sure I'll be writing more about the book when I finish it. 

•I'll be in an improv show next Sunday, the 20th at 3 p.m. at the Plaza Playhouse Theater. It's been a while since I've performed, but it's guaranteed I'll have fun.
Improv Showcase on Nov. 20. 
Here's more info: 
Just in time for National Absurdity Day, is the Improv Showcase. Under the direction of Tom Mueller, this one-hour unscripted, unrehearsed show highlights the tools of improv, where just like in real life, the players make it up as they go along. Tickets are $10 and available at the box office starting 2:30 p.m. day of the show. There are no pre-sale tickets. For more information, call Diane at 805-284-5404.

Thanks for reading. Nice to be in touch again. Let's enjoy the day!