Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Saving Soul

Along with my writing, clients pay me for my advice or expertise. I wouldn't say they always defer to what I say, but they do give my ideas consideration. Sometimes I find it challenging to go out on a limb and tell them what I really think, rather than play it safe and temper my thoughts by making them more mainstream.

A few years ago, and before I went "out on my own," a client brought in a mock-up of an ad. See photo at right. The production team took the mock-up, used a pretty font, some clip art, and made a perfectly nice and attractive ad. I was very disappointed.

I thought keeping the mock-up as the ad would have been a much better way to attract attention. It's kind of like folk art (there's that going out on a limb again!). It really is a beautiful piece, isn't it? Don't you think it would have attracted a lot of attention? Jumped off the page amid a sea of similar pretty font + clip art ads? Too bad it got gentrified and the soul sucked out of it. Very Disney (in the bad way).

There is a happy ending, though. The mock-up is framed and hanging in my kitchen. I still love it.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

No, thank you, Marilyn!

I'm kind of chickenhearted once a project is off the press. I'm afraid I'll find a mistake. And, unlike this here blog, once something is printed there's no going back and fixing things.

That's why this thank-you card gave double its pleasure. Receiving a card via snail mail is good news enough, but one thanking you for doing your job? Well, I just don't know what to say about that.

I do know, however, that sending someone a card is a really nice thing to do, and I'll make sure I do it more often.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Check Out My New Office

“The Cat’s Away, the Dog Will Play” was a tentative title for this post. That’s because of Zoe, the Goldendoodle who shares office space with me. She was the selling point of the new space, which I moved into last week. See her on the right; she sitting in front of my new workspace.

So far, the new digs are working out splendidly. It’s like having a fresh start. Only the necessary items made the move. Of course, that means all the old stuff is waiting to be sorted, filed, shelved, or tossed at the old place, i.e. my home. That’s OK. High time to deal with that stuff anyway.

You know what I mean: piles of obsolete documents, thick and heavy reports that are available online, and various ticket stubs, receipts, or other assorted memorabilia. This sort of housecleaning is a nuisance, but the results are well worth it. Plus, I really realize how I'm not as organized as I either once was or thought I once was.

Nella now has her own office. I had been crowding her space for a while, so I found a different situation.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

NPR Interview

As posted on an earlier blog, I'm helping jazz musician Solvei with publicity for her upcoming show on Saturday at the Plaza Playhouse Theater in Carpinteria. This morning Lance Orozco (no relation to me!) interviewed her for a segment on KCLU, the local NPR station.

It was fun to observe. The setting was casual -- Libbey Park in Ojai. The interview will air tomorrow or Friday. In Ventura, KCLU can be found at 88.3FM and in Santa Barbara at 102.3FM and 1340AM. Tune in if you can. If not, visit kclu.org to listen.

The photo at right is Lance with the microphone and Solvei.

Come to the concert on Saturday night. In case you need reminding on any of the details, see the photo below.