Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Check Out My New Office

“The Cat’s Away, the Dog Will Play” was a tentative title for this post. That’s because of Zoe, the Goldendoodle who shares office space with me. She was the selling point of the new space, which I moved into last week. See her on the right; she sitting in front of my new workspace.

So far, the new digs are working out splendidly. It’s like having a fresh start. Only the necessary items made the move. Of course, that means all the old stuff is waiting to be sorted, filed, shelved, or tossed at the old place, i.e. my home. That’s OK. High time to deal with that stuff anyway.

You know what I mean: piles of obsolete documents, thick and heavy reports that are available online, and various ticket stubs, receipts, or other assorted memorabilia. This sort of housecleaning is a nuisance, but the results are well worth it. Plus, I really realize how I'm not as organized as I either once was or thought I once was.

Nella now has her own office. I had been crowding her space for a while, so I found a different situation.