Thursday, December 30, 2010

Reading in Bed

Below is my headlamp, a new favorite reading tool.

Common wisdom says that writers love to read. I'm not saying all writers love to read, but I am saying this writer loves to read. And, I particularly love to read in bed. Either before falling asleep or right after waking up, I love reading in bed.

And, (I know, I know, you're not supposed to start a sentence, much less a paragraph, with a conjunction)I found something even better than reading in bed with a flashlight, which really is a page from the reclaim-the-child-within-pop-psychology of an earlier decade. (The flashlight thing is only cool at night, though. There's no thrill to it in the morning -- even if you are reading a Nancy Drew book.)

For Christmas, I treated myself to a headlamp. It is kind of like a miner's helmet with the light centered between the eyebrows. The rubber headband on mine needs to loosen up a bit, but with my big head (I mean that literally -- in the physical sense -- my cranium is large) that shouldn't take any time. I can't believe I went this long wanting one and never got around to buying one. They only run around $10.

If you love reading in bed, I recommend the headlamp. It can be used for other things, too. Like, if there is a big windstorm and all the electricity goes out.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Cards: I like 'em!

I, for one, love Christmas cards. I love receiving them and I love sending them. Getting organized for the project I especially love. Picking out the cards, buying a new pen, going over my address list, composing in my head the newsletter I never seem to be able to produce on paper ... Christmas cards may be my favorite part of Christmas.

Along with clearing a table top and arranging the cards, Rolodex, stamps, and the rest of the necessary tools, I clear out a few blocks of time -- two or three evenings usually gets the job done. I'm not sure if I have ever sent a card without writing more than a closing salutation and my/our name(s). There's usually a newsy note and a chipper message for the New Year.

Now, since making my living as a writer, I have kind of put pressure on myself about the newsy note part. I still enjoy it, but now I really have to be careful about misspells and incorrect grammar. Nothing wrong with that, I know, but it does make for a more stilted message.

Some of the tools for writing Christmas cards.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Tis the Season

Hot off the press!
It's the winter issue of Carpinteria Magazine.

Yes, it's that time of the year -- time for a new Carpinteria Magazine. The full-color, glossy paper publication does the little town proud. Who knew so many great people -- Susan Flannery and Barnaby Conrad, for starters -- and so much activity was packed into this sleepy little seaside town.

The magazine is available all over Carpinteria and at selected outlets in the greater Santa Barbara County area. Not sure where to find one? Call the office and ask for one (805) 684-4428. You'll be glad you did!