Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Cards: I like 'em!

I, for one, love Christmas cards. I love receiving them and I love sending them. Getting organized for the project I especially love. Picking out the cards, buying a new pen, going over my address list, composing in my head the newsletter I never seem to be able to produce on paper ... Christmas cards may be my favorite part of Christmas.

Along with clearing a table top and arranging the cards, Rolodex, stamps, and the rest of the necessary tools, I clear out a few blocks of time -- two or three evenings usually gets the job done. I'm not sure if I have ever sent a card without writing more than a closing salutation and my/our name(s). There's usually a newsy note and a chipper message for the New Year.

Now, since making my living as a writer, I have kind of put pressure on myself about the newsy note part. I still enjoy it, but now I really have to be careful about misspells and incorrect grammar. Nothing wrong with that, I know, but it does make for a more stilted message.

Some of the tools for writing Christmas cards.