Saturday, May 19, 2012

Where Can I Reach You?

I'm old enough to remember when answering machines were a new thing. I'm talking about answering machines with actual cassette tapes hooked up to rotary dial phones. Yeah, it wasn't that long ago. I think a lot of people are old enough to remember those days.

And, let me tell you, those 25-pound machines weren't all that welcome. People hanging up, family members giving grief about relatives owning machine, and similar non-positive feedback was common.

I believe the idea behind the contraption being convenience. Leave a message, someone calls you back. Easy enough. So committed to convenience the manufacturers were that the cassette tape went digital, the machine got smaller, remote access was available ...

Well, how quickly we forget. Look at the note with hints on the best way to reach a colleague. Convenience isn't even part of this equation. This is hilarious!