Monday, August 30, 2010

Any Way You Slice It

Buzzing down the Facial Care/Skin Care/Body Lotion aisle on my way to make a quick prescription pick up for my mom in the local drugstore, I stop, take a couple of steps backward, and confirm that there is a display of egg slicers stuck amongst the inventory of beauty aids.

"Display" may be a bit of an exaggeration. Actually, the egg slicers were hanging by a strip of clips, the way lunch-size bags of chips are near the cash register at a sandwich shop. I didn't and still don't get the connection. Is this an intentional merchandising ploy or the result of "corporate" not understanding the unique market demographic of a California beach community?

I forget what we were scouting down, but one time my sister and I were in a mega-supermarket and in the Feminine Hygiene aisle was a strip of clips holding candy bars. Some of the clips were empty, unlike the egg slicers. That attempt at subliminal marketing I understood.

The egg slicers, I'm still scratching my head over. Maybe it is related to the recent salmonella recall.