Friday, February 8, 2013

Extra! Extra! Read all about me!

My new membership to the Santa Barbara Chapter of the Association for Women in Communications has certainly more than paid for itself. The newsletter's Member Spotlight feature shines on me this issue. Check out what I have to say! And a big "thanks a million" to interviewer extraordinaire and writing colleague Leslie Westbrook.

In addition to getting my name in lights, I learned a lot from this month's panel "Why Women in Communications Need to Negotiate." With their varied experience and expertise, panelists Lisa Gates, Britt Andreatta, Renee Grubb, and Lois Phillips covered a lot of the sticky territory of negotiating. Definitely am doing my homework on that ... last night I made some changes to my fee schedule. I made a separate category for proofreading.

Plus! The next morning I received a referral for a job. Now that's an amazing return on investment. Can't wait to see what next month's meeting brings.