Friday, April 28, 2017

Getting Ink in a Newspaper or Magazine

Carpinteria City Beach in January 2017. 
This probably isn't going to make me popular with people who sell print advertising. I thought it worth sharing, anyway, because I'm frequently asked about how one goes about getting ink in a newspaper or magazine.

Here's part of an email I sent answering someone who recently asked me that question. 

"Regarding the local newspapers, of course, any of them would be happy to sell you space to run an article praising your business. 

The trick is to make the article sound more OpEd-ish and tailor it to the newspaper's readership. Then the paper may run it as editorial rather than advertising. You don't pay and, more than likely, they don't pay you. 

Here's what I suggest: 

  • Create a list of newspapers/magazines/outlets and check the editorial guidelines. 
  • Decide which ones you want to target. 
  • Massage the article to fit the newspaper/magazine/outlet. 
  • Call the editor(s) to say you're sending the article. 
  • Send the article. 
  • Follow up with the editor(s).
  • Pray. 

There's no guarantee that the article will print, but it might. 

If nothing else, you'll have started a working relationship with newspapers/magazines/outlets and a database. You can send news items on a regular basis, such as a second office, you've hired a new salesperson, your product won an award, and so on."

I hope you'll give the above a try. Your business deserves some ink.