Wednesday, June 3, 2009

12 Hours Later and Still Sticking to My Guns

It's kind of a relief when you understand why you do the things you do

Today was one of those 12-hour, full-on-brain-engaged days. Fortunately, I've engineered my workload in a manner that eliminates that sort of insanity. But sometimes the insanity is out of my hands. (Yes, I know I could choose to not please the client. And that would result in loss of money and having to replace that income stream, and blah, blah, blah ... so don't get all Psych 101 on me.)

What I've been toying with in my mind—for about three years—is writing into contracts, agreements, and the like is that if the job is not completed by the agreed upon date, then my wage/rate goes up.

I think that is a pretty common business practice, actually. I just don't feel comfortable laying out those sort of boundaries. I feel it is kind of like inviting someone over for dinner and adding the disclaimer "if you aren't out of here by 9, I'll be expecting a tip of 15 percent on the perceived value of the meal."

More attention and credence should be paid to operating under common decency and respect. We need less verbiage in business agreements and more handshakes to seal deals. In a way, working the odd 12-hour, full-on-brain-engaged day is how I put my money where my mouth is.

This is Nella, my vicious cat. Don't let her cute looks fool you; she's pretty mean. She just doesn't know any better (how many people who you know does that sound like?). Nella is pretty good company at the computer — curling up in my lap or looking earnestly out the window. It is just that I never know when she is going to attack me.