Wednesday, January 6, 2010

What's with some Season's Greetings?

As a born and bred Southern Californian, I don't feel any real compunction to go outside and enjoy the beautiful weather as I know such days are a dime a dozen. Last Sunday, though, was an exception. I don't know the name of the blue shade the sky was and I have never seen the Channel Islands pop more clearly out of the horizon. It was sheer desire, rather than pure guilt, that got me bike riding.

The photo above was taken on January 7. Christmas Day didn't look too different. The people's clothing indicates how warm the weather is.

What a glorious way to reflect on the past holiday season and ponder the new year and decade (though, technically, I'm not convinced we really are starting a new decade). "Season's Greetings, indeed," I thought as I pedaled between the mountains and the sea. "How lucky am I to be riding along this beautiful patch of country on such a fine day." (Well those are not my exact words, but they capture the sentiment in a more refined manner than what was actually going through my head.)

Delving further into the "Season's Greetings" bit, I got to wondering why Southern Californians send other Southern Californians Christmas cards with snow scenes representative of New England or another faraway place? Why does the insurance agent who handles my auto coverage send me a "special wish" that is so off-base from both our existences? I'm not asking for a surfing Santa, but certainly a poinsettia is a closer to a Southern California Christmas. (And, I'm not complaining either. The card from the insurance agent is placed on the mantle along with all the other cards -- snow scenes and otherwise.)

If you'd like to see proof of the glorious weather I'm talking about, check out
Carpinteria Magazine. This is the latest issue of the magazine I am lucky enough to help publish.