Monday, January 25, 2010

On Feeling Normal

That's my husband in the video. His name is Alonzo; we have the same last name.

At eating and drinking establishments, there's a fine line between feeling welcomed when warmly greeted by staff and customers and feeling like Norm from "Cheers." I guess it depends on how one is feeling on a particular day. For example, if I was entering the establishment wearing a pair of pants with a too tight waistband feeling more and more snug with each sip of beer, I might feel a bit Norm-ish (which, hopefully, doesn't become too normal of a feeling). And I'd most definitely feel Norm-ish if I wore sweats because none of my pants fit. On the other hand, if I was freshly showered and scrubbed with well-fitting pants, I'd feel more like an honored guest.

The moral of this tale is that how others are feeling at a specific time or place oftentimes has nothing to do with anyone else than that one particular person.