Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Managing My Portfolio

Recently, I've been spending a lot of erratic time putting together a good old-fashion portfolio. You know the kind: highlights of past work printed on paper (or cardboard or foam core) and lovingly organized in a large leather satchel (which also goes by the name of portfolio). The zip of the case and being able to feel the work with your fingers is infinitely more satisfying than a digital portfolio or book.

The reason for the good old-fashion portfolio is twofold. First, it is a good exercise in building oneself up after Orozco Ink not being able to land any new jobs for a couple of months. Having previous accomplishments laid out in front of you is a big help in the self-esteem department. Second, even in this digital age, it is a good idea to have an updated portfolio at the ready to show prospective clients.

In addition to trying to hobble the portfolio together during spurts of unscheduled time, the project does present one big problem. How large should it be? I'm a big believer in "keep 'em wanting more." But, I also want to cover all my bases so prospects know all that I can do.

I love this photo of a Peruvian girl with a baby llama. But, it really doesn't belong in my portfolio for writing jobs, even though I did take a pretty good photo. Portfolios are a very good example of sometimes less is more.