Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Panel Says

It was a honor to be part of a recent panel discussion at the last Santa Barbara chapter meeting of Women in Communication. I was invited to participate thanks to my role as editor of "Carpinteria Magazine."

Myself and three other local magazine editors were part of the program “Magazine Publishing and Writing in a 2.0 World,” which was held at Antioch University in downtown Santa Barbara. The panel’s focus was to share insights on publication trends, business advantages, and strategic challenges facing today’s magazine industry. Read more about it in Coastal View News (turn to page 20).

Photo by r.s.thurston photography. From left are Lynn K. Jones, president of the Santa Barbara chapter of Women in Communication; Nansie Chapman, editor of “Family Life Magazine;” Maria Streshinsky, editor of “Pacific Standard;” moi; Sally Barr, editor of “MUSIC! The Sounds of Santa Barbara;” Leslie Dinaberg, editor of “Santa Barbara SEASONS;” and Leslie Westbrook the program moderator.