Monday, January 14, 2013

No Coupon Necessary

"You're so organized" is a compliment I hear every once in a while. It is flattering, but I'm not sure how well deserved it is. Basically, I'm running a one-woman operation at Orozco Ink so my organizational skills never have been put to a real test.

This is typical of me to downplay a compliment or to consider a skill of mine as nothing special. After all, I do manage multiple deadlines and tasks daily. And, missing a deadline is so out of character for me it would cause a client to check in on my well being.

One organizational thing I can't get my arms wrapped around is coupons. Yes, I'm talking about coupons of the grocery variety, the X-amount-of-dollars-off an item in exchange for a piece of paper.

After a while, I just swore off the Sunday paper coupon pages. Most of the stuff I don't buy anyway. Plus, if I figured the time and effort put into clipping and tracking them, it wasn't worth the 35 cents off -- even if it were to be doubled.

I must confess, I still fall prey to Costco coupons. And, I still mess up. I dutifully cut them out (even the "no coupon needed" ones just so I won't forget to buy the item) and put them in my wallet, next to my money so I can't forget them.

Well, forget them I do. I hate that. Three days after the Costco run I discover them in my wallet. I've tried clipping the coupons to the list and to my Costco card. Still doesn't work.

From now on, I think I'll just forego the Costco coupons. Organize them into the same category as the Sunday supplement coupons.