Friday, January 3, 2014

CEO of my SEOs

Quick refresher: This blog, Behind the Scenes at Orozco Ink, originated when I took an entrepreneurship workshop at the time I started my own business. Behind the Scenes was a marketing tool homework assignment.

Remember my previous post on acronyms? For 2014, Behind the Scenes is trying on this acronym: SEO, which stands for Search Engine Optimization. The idea is to direct Internet traffic by word usage. (And, no, the idea is not mine!)

Soooo, let's play a game. See how many of Orozco Ink's SEOs you can find in future blogs. Here are some hints: writer, journalist, editor, travel, social media, Carpinteria Magazine, journal, handmade books, marketing, blogger ... and the list goes on.
The above photo is an excellent lesson in NOT applying the concept of SEOs to one's blog. These beautifully displayed pregnancy magazines are from the Ear, Nose & Throat waiting room at Sansum Clinic in Santa Barbara. (I had a follow-up appointment for an earache.) I thought it funny that the ENT waiting room would have these magazines. No, the OB/GYN department was nowhere near ENT. I thought maybe they shared the same waiting room. Funny, huh?