Friday, March 14, 2014

The Most Humbling of Tasks

Want to know the most stressful aspect of Orozco Ink? Uh, that'd be proofreading.

No, not proofreading my own stuff, because no one should ever proofread their own stuff. I mean being paid to proofread another's writing. The pressure I put on myself is rattling, which, of course, doesn't make a good environment for proofreading.

It's easy to get caught up in the minutiae of serial commas while missing the glaring misspelling in the title. It's happened. How about this one: I took the leap of creating a Facebook page for my writing and editing business only to have a huge grammatical gaffe in the About section of Orozco Ink - Writing & Editing. Yes, of course, people saw it. Thank goodness some of them pointed it out to me.

Plus, when proofreading, I get tripped up on elementary things, such as rein or reign. Lie versus lay. Is it effect or affect?

Yes, proofreading can be quite humbling. (Like my Facebook debut.) On the other hand, it can be quite fun and rewarding, too. I love it when I find something buried in the middle of document that could have been a real problem for a client.