Friday, February 28, 2014

Neither Disorganized nor Unorganized

This is how I understand the difference between unorganized and disorganized. Unorganized means there is no structure or organization. Disorganized means there is a structure or organization, but it isn't being followed. For example, my filing system is disorganized. I use an alphabetical system of organization but there are a number of files yet to be put in their proper home.

Above, see the empty box of chocolates re-purposed as a paperclip container? That's an example of organization. It's neither disorganized or unorganized. It is also an example of not paying proper attention to my business and professionalism. Recently, I rectified that embarrassing situation and overhauled my office. It didn't take very long, only about six hours total, which included the time spent purchasing organizational tools. I was inspired by Cindy Faith Swain, principal of OrganizeSB. Check out her blog post Organizing 101: Tip 1.

Above, now the paperclips and other office supplies have a proper home. I really can't tell you why I didn't bother with this type of organization before now. I mean, containers are that expensive. And, it feels so much better, kind of like right after you get your car washed.

Above, I love having purple cases in my office. They really brighten the place up, don't you think?

As for the empty box of chocolates? I still have it. I think it is a beautiful example of packaging and graphics. Should you ever find yourself in a Japanese market, or in Japan for that matter, be sure to try the Meiji Almond Chocolates - semisweet. They are delicious. Guaranteed.