Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Change your email password, now!

Monday morning greeted me with a hacked email account. What a nuisance that was. Still cleaning up that mess.

A firm believer in silver linings, allow me share with you two positives that came from that situation. 

First, it was very nice to know so many of my contacts look out for me. I received phone calls, texts, emails to my other account, and Facebook posts alerting me to the situation. That made me feel very good. 

Second, this is a good opportunity to clean up my digital files, update passwords, synchronize social media, among other housekeeping items I tend not to not fuss with very often. 

Take a tip from someone who knows: change your passwords!

Below is the email the hack was sending out. I hope no one sent money. I'm sure they'll let me know.