Monday, October 13, 2014

Another kind of Love Letter, uh, er, Love Song

Topaz Abbott wrote "How We Love Carpinteria." It's a love song to Carpinteria, where she lives. The YouTube video she created has a beautiful slide show highlighting some of the town's scenic spots.

"How We Love Carpinteria" is an excellent example of a paean. A paean is defined as a song of praise or triumph. Something that expresses enthusiastic praise. Paean is one of those literary terms that doesn't get much coverage. It's one of those obscure words that would show up on Final Jeopardy, maybe one of the contestants would get it right. Most definitely Alex Trebek would give it some foreign, and incorrect, accent.

Topaz's song is an homage. (And you know Trebek is going to lay a thick accent on homage!) Homage is defined as a special honor or respect shown publicly.

Do yourself a favor and listen to Topaz's YouTube video.

Sunset at a Carpinteria beach. 

Word of the day: paean.