Friday, July 1, 2016

Happy Fourth of July

Happy Fourth of July! 

Enjoy your independence and celebrate with family and friends. (Excellent example of an imperative sentence, BTW.

Thought I would do my share for the digital environment and reuse a previously published post that celebrates our great nation. 

Check out The National Archives - Worth the Trip to D.C. Its claim to fame is the place in D.C. where the Constitution and Declaration of Independence make their home. There are so many other wonderful (and not so wonderful) records and documents of our country's history there, too. 

Please remember that this weekend isn't a blast for all of us. The Fourth of July can be particularly unpleasant for animals. Here's a piece on Fourth of July safety for dogs from my colleague Joan Hunter Mayer, dog trainer extraordinaire of Inquisitive Canine. Read it here

Shadow was frightened by fireworks, thunder and other ka-booms