Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The National Archives -- Worth the Trip to D.C.

Day 15 / 30-Day Writing Challenge

Tools of the Trade

I'm the sort of person who remembers the state capitals from fifth gradegeography. Or the plot and details to a leisure book read during sixth grade quiet time. Things planted in my elementary school brain really took root. Like a redwood. 

Too bad I didn't learn about the National Archives

Technically known as the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA), the organization is an agency of the federal government with the responsibility of preserving and documenting governmental and historical records in addition to increasing public access to those documents. According to wikipedia, that is. 

NARA is a fabulous research tool. And much more authoritative than the aforementioned wikipedia. Fact checking a story? Good chance the National Archives can help. Want to make sure the quote from the Gettysburg Address is correct? National Archives can tell you. 

Yes, it's the place in Washington D.C. where the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution are on display. 

So are other moments in our history. Like Rosa Parks arrest record.

You don't have to go to D.C., though, to research. You can start online at National Archives. It's so easy and enjoyable to get lost in the archives. Check it out.