Friday, May 16, 2014

V is for Vulnerable

Day 3 / 30-Day Writing Challenge

A quick Google search of “Writing Advice” yields about 708,000,000 results [0.43 seconds]. (
For comparative purposes, a similarly quick Google search of “Sex” yields about 790,000,000 results [0.50 seconds].)

I’m hazarding a guess that the bulk of that writing advice falls under the heading of “Just Do It.” Meaning get thee fingers to a keyboard or wrapped around a pen and start moving. (And, perhaps the majority of sex advice falls under the heading of "Just Do It," too. We'll save that for a different blog post ... and a different blogger.)

It’s OK to write something about a “quick brown fox jumping over a fence” (or whatever that typing class ditty was) over and over again until other stuff starts pouring out. What the hey, write the ABCs over and over.

Sounds easy enough, right? So what’s the problem? What’s with the torture? 

I can’t answer for everyone, but for me, it’s about looking like a moron. What if someone should come across one of my journals or peer over my shoulder at my laptop? They might think “man, where does she get off?”

Stripping it down further, looking like a moron is more about being vulnerable.

The V word. That’s pretty much what holds me back from writing.

I have found the best way to not let vulnerability impede what I want to do is a ritual of sorts before writing. A few deep breaths, making a cup of tea while the computer fires up, paper and pen at the ready to the right, and away I go. Maybe it's the sameness of the ritual that allows me to relax a little about writing. 

If there is something other than the mechanics of writing (or desire) holding you back from the page, you may want to consider a ritual of sorts. 

Below, sometimes Google can inspire writers to get started on a project.