Saturday, May 31, 2014

Regularity is key — for blog posts (and other aspects of life as well)

Day 18 / 30-Day Writing Challenge

One of my first Behind the scenes at Orozco Ink blog posts was Breaking the Blog Hymen. I noted one inspiration as Julie Powell's blog, as in the Julie/Julia Project, as in Julia Childs, as in they made a movie of it starring Meryl Streep and Amy Adams, as in my name is Amy, too.

I've been fortunate to find other blogs as inspiration. And, you know what the common thread of inspiration is? The fact that they stuck/stick with it. Sure, the writing is engaging, the graphics pleasing to the eye. However, what I marvel at is the regularity, the commitment, and the discipline.

It's not easy. Not for me, anyway. The writing part is the easy part. The "doing it" is tough.

Let me share Calla Gold's blog. Go ahead and check it out. I know, can you believe it? Calla designs jewelry. And her real last name is Gold! I know this is true because I know her personally.

OK. Back to the point: Note the frequency of posts. Calla is on top of it. Even if she's pre-writing and scheduling her blog, it doesn't matter. She's still churning out the posts.

That's what I'm working on -- showing up. Cuz once I show up, the other part takes care of itself.

Thanks Julie. Thanks Calla.

Above, the artwork from the May 30 blog post of Calla Gold Jewelry. Calla has such a great blog. So much information and so interesting.