Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Let's take a serious look

In the real estate market where I live one quickly learns that "cozy" translates as cramped, "charming" is a euphemism for ramshackle, and "close to shopping, transportation, and downtown" really means an awful location.

See the ad at right? The only doctoring I did was to enlarge the appropriate words and underline them. The misspell is courtesy of the author.

And so it goes with writing jobs -- or any job for that matter. "Challenging" means you'll work your ass off for little pay. "Chance to prove yourself" is code for we're not sure this thing will fly but will pay you minimum wage to test it.
Recently, the phrase "serious inquiries only" has really stood out. First, I want to know are the words necessary. Do job seekers go through the bother of assembling the proper paperwork to apply for job as a lark? Sort of like a grown-up prank phone call, if you will?

I think the phrase is a misguided effort to give an air of legitimacy to a completely bogus ad. Really? Are we supposed to believe that the sky is the limit supplying Web site copy at 1 cent a word?

Truly, may I offer this piece of advice? If you see "serious inquiries only" in an ad -- any kind of an ad -- do not to read any further.