Thursday, December 5, 2013

Perks of Being a Writer

Above, the view on a December afternoon from the El Encanto Hotel in Santa Barbara.

No secret here – being a writer doesn’t pay much. Unless, of course, I ever get around to penning that great American bestseller “How to Live Very Well on the Very Little Money You Make Because You Are a Writer.” There are, however, some mighty fine perks that come one’s way. Take yesterday for example. Fellow writer Leslie Westbrook hooked me on to an invitation to the El Encanto Hotel’s spa open house. BTW, El Encanto = big time snazzy in Santa Barbara. My guess is that Leslie was invited to the open house because she wrote on the El Encanto’s remodel for Traditional Home magazine. Read it; it’s a great article.

In addition to soaking up the beautiful view, architecture, and ambiance, I had a mini-oxygen facial and a hand massage. Plus, tasty hors d'oeuvres and some bubbly. Then, we carried on to the Association of Women in Communications holiday party in downtown Santa Barbara. I had to pay for that … and it was worth every penny. And I’d do it again. Along with the mini-facial and everything.

Below, this is where I had my mini-oxygen facial. It was fabulous.