Monday, December 2, 2013

The Pencil Bag -- this writer's toolbox

Last night my friend asked me, in a rhetorical, off-handed way, if I had some Scotch tape. We have a standing Sunday night meeting at a coffee shop to work on our respective businesses ... you know, catch up on emails, update web sites (here's hers: Curious Cup; here's mine: Amy Marie Orozco),and all sorts of little stuff so we can hit Monday morning running. But back to the tape story ...

Fully expecting a "no" answer, she was pleasantly surprised I had the requested item. I was pleased the tape had been returned (by me!) to my pencil bag. Yes, pencil bag. I carry it in my purse. It is filled with pens of different colored inks, a variety of highlighters, scissors, glue stick, tape, some loose paper clips and binder clips,and sticky notes. There are some other goodies in there, too. Pencils being one of them. Mechanical pencils and replacement lead. Had to switch, the pencil shavings were getting too messy.

It's a writer-nerd thing, the pencil bag is. You can always find a piece of paper if the notebook/journal didn't make it back to your purse, but it's not always easy to find a writing implement. (And if you can't find a piece of paper, writing on the wrist will do in a pinch.) Yes, I have a digital recorder and could use my iPhone notes function. It's not the same though. Maybe one day, one of those gadgets will replace my pencil bag, just as composing on a keyboard has replaced longhand. Until then, a good pencil bag is this writer's toolbox.