Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Lessons learned

Day 29 / 30-Day Writing Challenge

Lessons learned from the 30-Day Writing Challenge. First and foremost is Behind the Scenes at Orozco Ink needs to benefit the reader. Why would someone (other than good friends and relatives) bother to read this?

This next one is really about a lesson being reinforced, rather than learned. Show up and write. Start tip-tapping on those keys. Doesn't matter what comes out ... it doesn't need to be submitted or posted or emailed. What matters is the doing. The priming of the pump. 

You know, I learn by observing others. How do they run their business? What do they make a priority? What are they charging? Where do they get jobs? I like learning from others. 

And, just think ... I have one more day to learn more lessons from the 30-Day Writing Challenge. 

Below, apropos of nothing, my cat Nella is one of my lessons from the universe. She's semi-feral and really doesn't like anybody or anything. Sometimes she really hurts my feelings.