Friday, June 6, 2014

Mad about the funny people

Day 24 / 30-Day Writing Challenge

Friday Funny

Name your favorite humorist. 

Kind of tough, isn't it? 

OK. Let's start with when I say "who do you think of when I say humorist?"

What about Scott Adams? You know, the creator of The Far Side. How about Chelsea Handler

Some of my personal favorites are Dick DeBartola of Mad Magazine fame and Sandra Tsing Loh.

I like how they deconstruct the accepted norm and illustrate the craziness. Many humorists do that but are mean about it. For me, Dick DeBartola and Sandra Tsing Loh have a 'we're all in this together" approach, which makes it easy to laugh at myself. 

Below, some things you never outgrow. For me, it's Mad Magazine. It still makes me laugh ... and cry.