Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The ol' shot of inspiration

Day 28 / 30-Day Writing Challenge

Yay! It's Tuesday. That means Improv Workshop is tonight. The ol' brain workout of thinking on my feet is the perfect inspiration for work, life, and anything else.

No script. No writing. No computer. No microphone. (Did I mention how I love being encouraged to be loud?) It's fun, inspiring, and good for me.

Want to see what I'm talking about? Then view this 13-second long video by Chuck-Hou Yee.

So, yay! for Tuesday, an otherwise fairly humdrum day.

Below, the big news is that out of the Improv Workshop, the Plaza Improv Players troupe formed. (Maybe I've posted this already.) From left are Chuck-Hou Yee, Judy Sirianni, moi!, Juliette Rohde-Brown, Hope Zweig, Pauline Reyes, Sherri Mendenhall, and director John Pagano.